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These notes below are among the situations I saw during the Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2012. Yes I know you guys like gossips and real stories. And here they are….

  • The most happening high society gathering I could say! with most of who’s who of KL turned up with their best dress ever!.
  • Most of beauty queens in attendance last night (appx around 50 of them) wore crowns and sashes of their winning as far back as 1996! This particular queen wore the biggest crown no one can escape looking at or taking photo with her!..hahahhaa
  • It was a game and show off of who is looking better, who wear most glam, “I’m better than u or yours”, I have most  body guard than u, my crown is bigger than yours all kind of things…u know…a datuk and datin things…but ordinary attendees were there not to be dismissed as they too came to this event ALL OUT!
  • The MMK committee members were working hard to prepare everything to the last minutes to make sure everything rights!, shouting match+running around like mad+fake smiles+exploding emotions+non stop phone rings+ada yang tidak sempat mandi and just sarung whatever nice dress they had just before the show starts. One cannot smell body odor at all as the venue is full of people with good smell of expensive perfume I supposed.
  • Most people don’t see was how hell it was to run even a small pageant like this and when the time comes, every working committee was acted like nothing bad happen and everything smooth and went well.
  • A deputy minister as a guest of honour in attendance was a very supportive leader. Mingled with everyone and did not mind taking photos as most of the people who wanted to take photos with him were datuks and datins (and mostly wearing kebaya datins. He was so occupied with request for photos and could be the most popular person last night. Hands down to Yb!.
  • TAK MAU KALAH! these 2 lady datuks clearly makes their presence felt by everyone and also make everyone around them feeling the competition between them is that who is better or “I am better than you” kind of games as both of them trying to impress the super VVIP at the event.
  • Most Mrs queens posed with almost everyone at the reception area amazing!, they could stand there more than 1 hour just for the purpose of taking photos!.
  • The list of attendees was overflowed and there was a commotion at the reception fighting for seating arrangement. But according to several of my friends who organized event in the past told me, even how careful or organized the committee is, this fighting issue about seat will always be happening, no matter how good your planning is as attendees are always usually causing trouble to the organizer due to their outrageous demand.
  • Manala pasal tempat  tak cukup bila yang datang bawak masuk maid and anak-anak sekali duduk kat meja, selambe je ambik tempat orang….haiz.maid and anak2 tak kira, nak masuk, sila la bayar….
  • Melalui cakap rakan baik, saya dapat mengenal pasti siapa yang datang dari kalangan kerabat Istana Kelantan, Terengganu serta Kedah. But most of them requesting anonymity and also do not mention their names. They just want to be there as normal guests and not to be limited by protocol.
  • Despite surrendering my own seat for someone else, I managed to find empty seat at the back area and there I was, with Irene Tan, the current Ms Petite World 2012 winner and Sheena Yong, the very beautiful entrepreneur. Why we were so happy at the isolated table as we were next to the table stocked with food, juices and fruits and we had the “privilege” to ask additional stuff to eat or just take it whenever we wanted!..hahahaa, not to mention we had the shortest passage to the toilet!..we had the best laugh ever!.
  • the queens continue their quest of getting the most photographed tag after the show ended at 11.30pm and took the opportunity like no end. But it’s good to see everyone had their best day.
  • The top 7 was the best line up ever and there’s no way to talk bad about all of them or take any one of them out to be replaced with the non placed girls. The decisions was done fairly, assessed, marked and scored by the 8 powerful celebrity judges.
  • Oh, did I say the 8 judges were the most impressive line up this year in any beauty contest. All of them were heavy weight in their industry, from top fashion designer like Bon Zainal and Amir Luqman, to the top celebrity journalist Kee Hua Chee to the best corporate figure like Eric Choong and Winnie Loo, Malaysia’s no.1 catwalk guru Benjamin Toong and a famous tv personality Lakshmi Appadorai to a well known socialite Datin Maylene Yong!.
  • 2 contestants withdrew at the 11th hour as Carol’s grand mother passed away the day before the final and another was Cassandra, who was diagnosed with suspected dengue fever. That left only 13 girls competed for the title.
  • An unknown VIP showed up in the middel of the show with several body guards in tow. They looked like very different from normal street people and I was told they also came from royal family of an unidentified northern state.
  • Jean Lee’s triumph was a bit unexpected as another girl really showed her ability to speak and answer question flawlessly, very talented and seemed destine to win it all but I guess judges had other opinion and put her as the winner instead!. Jean Lee was the overwhelming favorite during the Miss Wilayah Kebaya and she won hands down but at the nationals, she was a bit overshadowed by other taller and  more striking girls heading for the grand final. Congrats again to Jean for her win.
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