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From left: Miera, Jean and Desiree.
November 9, 2012. Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence, KL. It was a night to remember for Jean Lee from Kuala Lumpur as she was crowned Malaysia’s first Miss Malaysia 2012 winner.She is currently a student and at the same time helping her mother running a family business. Second place was won by Miera Sheik 18 years old student, model and actress from Johor while the huge favorite Desiree Tan, 22 years old won third place. The contest was a tight one as all the top 3 gave very good answers to the questions posed to them and their fate was left to the judges to decide.
The contest started with the opening dance which saw the contestants wearing cyber kebaya designed by Hideaki Lim. The contestants were broken down to several groups and performed various dance acts like the Sumazau, Indian, Malay and also a Chinese dance.
The Miss Malaysia Kebaya President Mr Jason Hee was the first to go on stage to give his opening speech and was followed by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Dato Dr James Dawos Mamit. On the floor, the guests were served light refreshment while waiting for the next round.
Next, the girls out on stage again for a short catwalk and self introduction wearing Smart Network Marketing t shirt and jeans. The t shirt they were wearing were actually had been modified and embedded with beautiful colorful stones provided by Calvin Gems. Some of the girls had been preparing and altering the shirt 2 weeks prior to the grand final.
After some short breaks and the first performance by an invited singer, the girls were on stage once again wearing cheongsam provided by a sponsor, Perniagaan Emerald Brilliant. The girls spotted wearing long or knee length cheongsam. 
 The contestants in Adriatie Mira Fuad’s kebaya creation.
The third round was the kebaya round and the girls wore kebaya provided by Mira Adriatie Fuad. The kebayas were very beautiful and I heard among the audiences even willing to buy them. The judges had started their judging from the introduction through to the kebaya round. Once the kebaya round ended, the marks were compiled by the pageant committee to be tabulated and audited.
The top 7, from left: Eileen Chuah, Miera Sheikh, Desiree Tan, Flora Oh, Jean Lee, Mapreet Kaur and Yogesvari A.
The top 7 were announced after a tensed 20 minutes break and the top 7 were Desiree Tan, Flora Oh, Eileen Chuah, Manpreet Kaur, Miera Sheikh, Jean Lee and lastly Yogesvari A. The rest of the girl were ushered backstage and the top 7 remained on stage to answer questions. These top 7 looked super strong line up as any one of them could easily become the winner.
Another short breaks and in between saw a popular local singer Suki Low performed 2 songs. Suki performed at Dato Lee Chong Wei, a badminton national champion’s gala wedding at KLCC convention centre just about 1 hour before coming here. The girls were on stage again for the subtitle winners award and later proceeded to the top three winners’s announcement. 
The Miss Malaysia Kebaya Timeless Elegance award winners, from left: Ashley Chow, Datin Maylene Yong, Dato Wenddi Anne Chong, Winnie Loo, Datin Joneser Choi and Isabelle Liow.
A section of this event was created to honor some of the ladies who are very active in charities hence the Miss Malaysia Kebaya 2012 Timeless Elegance Award. The 6 ladies who were selected for this title were Dato’ Wenddi Anne Chong, Datin Maylene Yong, Datin Joneser Choi, Winnie Loo from A Cut Above, Ashely Chow and Isabelle Liow.
 Among the many beauty queens, models and business people attending the MMK 2012 grand final at Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences.
This grand final event was attended by who’s who of Kuala Lumpur, models and many beauty queens and some of the guests came all the way from as far as Singapore and Australia. Spotted at the event were many dignitaries, local business circle and some family members of northern states palaces. 
Among the celebrity judges for the MMK 2012, from left: Amir Luqman, Datin Maylene Yong, Kee Hua Chee and Winnie Loo.
Nice to not that this event managed to attract some of the best people to be the judges like the best fashion designers like Bon Zainal and Amir Luqman, mega celebrity journalist Kee Hua Chee, Malaysia’s no. 1 catwalk guru Benjamin Toong from Amber Chia Academy, Eric Choong from Erican language center, news anchor from Astro Awani tv station Lakshmi Appadorai, a top entrepreneur Winnie Loo and a socialite Datin Maylene Yong.
Congratulations again to the top three winners!.
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