Vote for Mister Universal Ambassador Malaysia 2016 Jason Ganesan

Vote for Mister Universal Ambassador Malaysia 2016 Jason Ganesan

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mister universal ambassador malaysia 2016

OFFICIAL VOTING and POPULARITY VOTING for Mister Universal Ambassador Malaysia 2016 Jason Ganesan

Official voting at
[Winner : 75 points, 2nd Place: 55 Points, 3rd Place : 50 Points, Top 5 : 35 Points, Top 10: 20 Points on Scoreboard]

How to Vote :
Step 1 : visit
Step 2 : click “Contestants 2016”
Step 3 : Select profil photo of you favorite contestant then click “Vote Now”. If your vote is successful, it will be displayed “Thanks for Voting

Popularity voting
is a Voting in our Facebook and Instagram. For facebook, you can LIKE and SHARE your favorite contestants. SHARE is 1 point, LIKE is 3 points. Each Valid Account may “SHARE” many times and “LIKE” once.

for Facebook Popularity Vote, visit here:…/…/…

For Instagram, You just need to give “LIKE” of your favorites contestants. Important Note :

Your account is Valid if you already LIKED our Facebook page and FOLLOW our Instagram. We have technical system to filter which account is “Valid” or “Auto”. Top 5 of this Popularity Voting will be our priority in our agenda during the pageant period such as: Live Interview on Tv, Private Dinner with Governments, Videoshoot for our Sponsors, Sponsor Vouchers, Pageant Promotion & Displays. And in case there is a “tied position” on Official Voting, we will see this Popularity Voting to determine the higher voting position.

Lets Vote Now!

Credit: Miss Malaysia Pageant

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