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Miss Tourism Bolivia 2010-Another Stunner in Miss Tourism International 2010 Pageant. Jason Ng’s Photos.

she’s among my real favourite ut until this point, the judges here seems do not favor her to win any sub title. Hope she would nail 1 later. happy browsing! ...
Jessie Chantelle Chocolates- The All New Venture by Chantelle Chuah. A Celebrity Chocolatier.

A new beautiful chocolatier has emerged in Malaysia by the name of Chantelle Chuah. This Malaysian beauty queen turned entrepreneur has also recently been appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Lejadi Foundation, a foundation which helps the needy ...
Miss Tourism International 2010 Miss Lumix Photogenic goes to…..

Miss Tourism Venezuela and this was the 3rd subsidiary title for Stephany Gonzalez! Congratulation! happy browsing! ...
Miss Tourism International 2010 Miss Secret Charm goes to…..

Venezuela, Stephany Gonzalez!Stephany Gonzalez had taken two subsidiary title which are Miss Jade Hills Goodwill  Ambassadress & Miss Secret Charm! -miss tourism international FB happy browsing! ...
Miss Tourism International 2010: Contestants’ Heights.

Okay okay, I know u guys wanna know even more n now the contestants’ heights turn, okay….hehehe. Argentina (student)-178cm / Armenia (model)-179cm / Austria (student)-172cm / Australia (student)-174cm Belarus (student)-176cm / Belgium (lawyer)-173cm / Bolivia (student)-172cm / Bosnia (student)-172cm ...