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  • She appeared on Malay Mail Nov 4, 1966 front page and one week later, being disqualified from contesting in MISS SAREE (MALAYSIA) 1966. The issue of appearing there was not really big issue but the main point was it allegedly might gave her advantage over other contestants leading to the grand final and the other girls were protesting. The organizer was also reiterated that a contestant could not give any media interview without getting consent from them.
  • Meanwhile, MISS SAREE QUEEN (MALAYSIA) 1966 on November 5 was won by Maya Biswas, 23, who won a saree and cosmetics as opposed to the earlier reports saying the winner might get to travel to HK. 1st runner up was won by Barbara Missal and Shirley Palmer was 2nd runners up.
  • Selina Lim Poh Choo (Miss Stop Press 1966), Veronica De Rosario and Lucy Chow were to compete in MISS GOVERNMENT SERVICE QUEEN 1966 on November 14 at Federal Hotel, KL.
  • Selina Lim Poh Choo from Selangor was declared MISS GOVERNMENT SERVICE QUEEN 1966. Lucy Chow from Penang was 1st runner up while Marhamah Abdul Hamid from Kelantan was 2nd runners up.
  • Theresa Van Dort, 22, won MISS INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXHIBITION 1966 on November 13, 1966. 1st runner up was won by Maureen Especkerman, 18, 2nd runners up was Doris Tsui, 24. 7 girls participated in this event.
  • A school teacher and also a part time TV star (got meh?!) Misnah Salleh, 18, won the NATIONAL LANGUAGE MONTH QUEEN 1966 (KL district) at DBP. Noraimi Ahmad, 19 was second and Khalizah Ariffin , 18 was third. 6 girls competed in this event which was held at the closing ceremony of National Language Campaign by DBP on June 26 that year.
  • Hasanah Ahmad won the Perak state level MISS GOVERNMENT SERVICE QUEEN 1966 on June 30 in Ipoh.
  • Norbiah Mustapha, 18, competed in MISS WELFARE QUEEN 1966 on July 2 in Universiti Malaya’s Dewan Chancellor. This event was to raise funds and was organized by UM Student Union.
  • Theresa Hong, 22 won the MISS CO-OP QUEEN 1966. Zubaidah Hj Meor Burhanuddin was 1st runner up while Sabariah Abdul Hamid, a nurse won 2nd runners up. This pageant was held in conjunction with International Co-op day and was organized by St. John Ambulance society on July 13, 1966.
  • BEAUTIE OF BEAUTIES (SINGAPORE 1966) on July 15. The finalists: Suzannah Lim, Mary Soon, Annie Heng, Rosie Lee, Foo Ann Ling, marie Lee, Mary Sim, Rahma Aris, Jeanette Allison, Fatimah Alhabshee. This contest was held in conjunction with the premier of a movie by Hsi Shin Film organized by ACE Entertainment.
  • Foo Kuan Yoke was among the 11 girls competed for MISS KEBAYA MAHA 1966 at Malaysian Agricultural Association Exhibition MAHA) on July 30, 1966. This contest was won by Khatijah Hashim, 17.
  • Valerie Ong, 18, from Sitiawan, Perak won the MISS PESTA LUMUT 1966. Rosaline Rattanakom won second place while Mary Rao won third place. both 2nd wnd 3rd winner were from Ipoh. 9 girls participated in this event.
  • Jasvinder Kaur, 19 won the Federal Capital NATIONAL LANGUAGE MONTH QUEEN 1966. She beat 11 other including 1st runner up Raja Ibrizah Raja Azhar, 18, and Theresa Ho, 19 on August 3, 1966.
  • MISS REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE 1966. Date: August 9 at Ocean Park Hotel.
  • Azizah Hamzah, 18, won the KL NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SERVICE QUEEN 1966.
  • SELANGOR NATIONAL LANGUAGE WEEK QUEEN 1966 was won by Misnah Salleh, 18.
  • PAN MALAYSIAN TELEKOM QUEEN 1966 on September 3 was held at Dewan Chancellor Universiti Malaya. 15 girls participated in this event.
  • Malaysia x pernah ada hubungan diplomatik w Israel kan,…?…terjumpa rekod Alice/Aliza Gur (Miss Israel/Universe 1960) (also semisfinalist in Miss Universe 1960) melawat Malaysia pada tahun 1965 promosi filem The Beauty Jungle kat panggung Cathay KL ditemani oleh Rosemary Frankland Miss World 1961!.source: Malay Mail. March 27, 1965. Page 4.
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